Sunday, September 28, 2008

Progress of Renault upper range

presentation for Renault (Luciano Bove)

clay 1:4 in progress




color and trim studio ;)

presenting to Luciano


This was my 1st year at transportation design studio at Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava

Sunday, June 22, 2008

johnson controls sustainability concept

old projects

So here are almost all of my university works, Some sketches, models, etc. are missing because this time I dont have access to my computer. As soon as I will Ill upload them all.
My first project wasnt trasportation design but it was a sculpture of something from nature, I chosen lobster and modified him until I got the final shape. Sketches are missing. Next project at my school was finally the transportation design task as I expected this long time ago. So I started to participate in a contest made by skoda at our university, I was chosen into finalists, but I dint made clay model due to personal problems... Here are just some first proportion sketches . My next project wwas in cooperation with Johnsson Controlls, they make interiors in cars like sandero, etc. This task was to make a sustainable vehicle and I made a car for 2. 2of them can drive simulously next to each other on normal street. Next project was done in cooperation with renault , Mr. Luciano Bove and Raphael Linari. We made couple of consultations with them , but my storyboard I will upload later. We made 1/4 model and it was like a competition at our school which I won - internship for 3 months in renault. Last projects were in cooperation with audi and skoda. most of them I cant show you now.