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just to show you what Im working on

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another from minty color, this one can be redesigh of wartburg :))


fun with my new wacom cintiq (borrowed from my school :)))

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internship sketches 2

In next part of my internship I tried to improve myself in all the ways of design and rendering, The task was to create some small car, I wanted to make some futuristic shape, very new and fresh. Here you can see more different types of small vehicle, finally I decided to make the buggy vehicle what ist the biggest and the best sketch (in my opinion) on the board.

internship sketches 1

Here are my first internship sketches which I made in the start of 2009 in Renault design studio. Mostly they are free sketches of sedan with longer wheelbase but doesnt have to look like classic sedan. I wanted to make something with small sculpturous details , fluid shapes, aerodynamic parts and as everyone is doing now simple and new design, which is not so easy to do. I didnt make something exact, I just wanted to improve in sketching technique and perspective.

bmw and others

sedan sketches


Renault sport