Sunday, November 15, 2009



  1. Hello Miso!
    I've been through some of your works here and I do think you have a great talent and creativity. However one thing I don't understand. It looks to me you're very fond of this specific style of sketching some east-european or russian students are demonstrating. It's hard to tell which is yours and which isn't. I think you know what I mean. Give yourself some time searching for a style that separates you out of that group! Keep the good work though!

  2. youre right, i like this style so much that I cannot do my own style, maybe I should make something unique, but it needs time and im still exploring what I can do in design, exploring shapes and sketching techniques. Thats maybe why I still dont do my own, although I try to put something unique into each sketch. But still it isnt that what it should be what is in my mind that it should look like. Anyways, I appreciate your comment :))