Thursday, June 3, 2010

my bachelor degree "Skoda Fabia Scout" facelift

1st stage of sketching - in competition was chosen my front and rear
finalized sketches and CAD

foam model 1:4

clay 1:1:
a real car facelift as a school project... what was lots of fun
greeen offroad for eastern europe - cheap(simple), MODERN(new unique design language, also used old parts like C shapes), widening shapes(car is too high)-make better proportions at least optically. Overall making old scout better...
btw the foam model is 1:4 final-like work model for 1:1 clay... and this was my bachelor degree project - skoda fabia scout facelift 1:4 than 1:1.
It was very good clay modelling experience, since it was my 1st 1:1 clay modell.
Also the sketching time I really enjoy! After 1st stage of sketching was chosen my front and rear theme for doing 1:1 clay. During all time everything was done as a group project, included me, Peter Chovanec, Slavo Ozanik and Palo Kirnag. thx guys!